Manslaughter of white man (Vonelle Cook) punched after saying "nigger"

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The manslaughter of white man (Vonelle Cook), punched after saying "nigger" occurred on May 4, 2021 when 77-year-old white male victim Vonelle Cook was punched by 27-year-old black male Corey Ellis Pujols.[1]

Manslaughter of white man (Vonelle Cook) punched after saying "nigger"
Vonelle Cook.jpg
LocationDunkin', 410 S. 50th St., Tampa, FL
Coordinates27°56′53″N 82°24′04″W / 27.9479628911816°N 82.40117657241248°W / 27.9479628911816; -82.40117657241248
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DateMay 4, 2021
1:29 PM
Attack type
  • Vonelle Cook, 77-year-old white male
  • Corey Ellis Pujols, 27-year-old black male
Corey Ellis Pujols
Corey Pujols.jpg
Criminal charge
  • Aggravated manslaughter of an elderly or disabled person[2]


Cook had went through the Dunkin' drive-thru, but due to a mistake with his order began arguing with employees and eventually entered the store. There, he called Pujols, the manager of the Dunkin', "nigger,"[3] and after Pujols dared him to say it again, he did, which caused Pujols to punch him in the head.[1]

Cook was hospitalized and later died of his injuries due to a skull fracture. Pujols was initially arrested on a battery charge and released on bond, but was later re-arrested for manslaughter after Cook's death.[4]

Initially, the media was unable to report the victim's name or identifying information due to police withholding it due to a conservative interpretation of Marsy's Law.[5] Later, the media was able to identify the victim via court documents.

Cook was a registered sex offender who spent five years in prison for luring teen boys into his home with comic books, video games and candy and performing sexual acts.[5]

Social media defense of Pujols[edit]

Black social media users came to Pujols's defense, calling him a "king" and justifying Pujols's punch as self defense with lines like "White people using the nword and subsequently killing black people isn't new."[6]

Some social media users linked to a GoFundMe for Cook[7], which is currently unavailable and seemingly taken down by the company.

Court documents[edit]

We obtained the following relevant court documents from the Hillsborough County, Florida court case search:[8]

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