Assault and robbery of two white men by four black men in New Orleans, LA

Assault and robbery of two white men by four black men in New Orleans, LA
LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DateJune 24, 2017
Attack type
Aggravated robbery
  • Tim Byrne, white male
  • James Curran, white male
  • Dejuan Paul, 22-year-old black male
  • Rashaad D. Piper, 21-year-old black male
  • Joshua Simmons 19-year-old black male
  • Nicholas A. Pogozelski 19-year-old black male

Two white male tourists visiting New Orleans for a church convention were violently attacked from behind and robbed by four black men. The more severely beaten victim suffered a brain injury and was put on a ventilator for some time.


According to a news report,[1]

Authorities say four men brutally attacked two tourists walking in the French Quarter Saturday night during a robbery, leaving one victim in critical condition.

In the video, the suspects are seen rushing up behind the men, and then punching the first victim in the head. One of the attackers then puts him in a choke hold and continues to punch the victim as he struggles to drag him to the ground.

Meanwhile, the second victim is hit in the head and collapses to the ground face first. The attacker quickly searches through the motionless victim's pockets as two other men run up and appear to help rob both victims.

The suspects ran away moments later after they throw the first victim to the ground.

One of the robbers then runs back to lift the second victim off the sidewalk, revealing what appears to be a large pool of blood. He then drops the man and runs away.

The first victim eventually finds his glasses on the sidewalk and crawls to the second victim and appears to try to talk to him.

Luckily, two other people walk up to the men and call 911.

Police say the attackers made off with the victims' cellphones and wallets.

The victims were visiting from Boston to attend an annual religious meeting.

Byrne, the more severely injured victim, suffered an acute brain injury and was placed on a ventilator for a short amount of time.[1] A year later, he was still in physical therapy from the attack.[2]

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