Assault of a white child by black daycare worker

Assault of a 5-year-old white child by black daycare worker
Screenshot from white child assaulted by black daycare worker footage.png
Surveillance footage of the assault
LocationCare-A-Lot Daycare Center, 4215 Thomas Sumter Hwy, Dalzell, South Carolina 29040
Coordinates34°00′49″N 80°27′03″W / 34.013550°N 80.450840°W / 34.013550; -80.450840
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DateAugust 14, 2020
Attack type
VictimUnnamed 5-year-old white male
AssailantTiana McElveen, 24-year-old black adult female
Tiana McElveen
Criminal chargeUnlawful conduct towards a child


Audioless surveillance footage of the daycare shows a typical squabble over a toy between two young boys - one black and one white.

As two black female daycare workers begin to approach the white child, they seem to say something as the boy covers his head with his hands, seemingly anticipating a physical correction.

One of the daycare workers, Tiana McElveen,[1] then approaches the white child, first slapping him, then throwing him to the ground, and finally grabbing both of his arms as he cries on the ground and tosses him.

Afterward she gently pulls the black boy to the side and inspects his head for injuries.

Surveillance footage[edit]


McElveen was reported by a coworker to the daycare owner, who immediately fired the worker and notified authorities[2]

McElveen has been charged with "unlawful conduct towards a child."[3]

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