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This wiki exists to give an honest accounting of black lives in today's America by documenting the facts and data points that the media and other mainstream institutions do not want to acknowledge.

This requires zooming out from the media's myopic focus on individual police shootings of black people, and also highlighting:

How you can help[edit]

This is a wiki, and as such relies on contributions by volunteers. We are particularly grateful for contributions in the following topics.

Black violent crime[edit]

If you are aware of violent crime committed by a black assailant that is not currently on one of our lists, please add an article for it:

An easy way to find some of these is to check the pictures posted on the National Gun Violence Memorial

White people shot or killed by police[edit]

If you know of a white person shot or killed by police that is not on our existing list, please add an article for it.

The Washington Post police shootings database is a good resource for finding these. Bonus points if you submit an open records request and get body camera footage, 911 calls, or other relevant multimedia.

Black hate crime hoaxes[edit]

If you know of a black hate crime that turned out to be a hoax not on our existing list, please add it.