Homicide of Jessica Doty-Whitaker

Homicide of Jessica Doty-Whitaker
Black persons of interest in the shooting
Location700 block of Canal Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Coordinates39°46′39″N 86°10′01″W / 39.777630°N 86.166900°W / 39.777630; -86.166900
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DateJuly 5, 2020
3:30 AM
Attack type
VictimJessica Doty-Whitaker, 24-year-old white female
AssailantsUnknown black people
Jessica Doty-Whitaker
Born(1996-02-20)February 20, 1996[1]
DiedJuly 5, 2020(2020-07-05) (aged 24)
Cause of deathGunshot wound


According to local news,[2] Doty-Whitaker was walking with a group of people and one of them likely said the word "nigga", a group of blacks overheard the word and got into a spat with them; the blacks said "black lives matter" and someone in Doty-Whitaker's group said "all lives matter"; the groups then separated but later on one of the blacks shot Doty-Whitaker:

Jose Ramirez, Doty-Whitaker’s fiancé, told Fox59 that he and his future wife were hanging out with two other people on the canal. He said someone in their group used a slang version of the N-word, which prompted a confrontation with a group of strangers.

Ramirez claims that the people who confronted them shouted "Black [sic] lives matter" during the argument. In response, either Doty-Whitaker or someone in her group replied by saying "all lives matter."

Ramirez said in the Fox59 interview the two groups separated because they realized people in each group were armed. He said both groups then fist-bumped and went their separate ways.

But someone opened fire from a nearby bridge and struck Doty-Whitaker, Ramirez said. He said the shooters then ran away.

Ramirez said he fired back but did not hit anyone.


Doty-Whitaker leaves behind a 3-year-old son, Greyson, and a fiancé, Jose Ramirez.

After Doty-Whitaker's death, her Facebook page was flooded with hundreds of people leaving messages taunting the dead mother.[3]


A GoFundMe for Doty-Whitaker's survivors was started by a family friend and had raised $87,560 as of August 31, 2020.[4]

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