List of black on Hispanic violent crimes

This is a list of violent crimes committed by black assailants against white Hispanic victims.

Image Event Date Type Description Victim(s) Assailant(s) Location
Roberto-Flores-Lopez-hospital.jpg Attempted murder of Roberto Lopez July 8, 2020 Attempted murder A 22-year-old black male follows an 80-year-old Hispanic man to a grocery store bathroom, takes his wallet and continues to beat him. The victim later dies from his injuries Roberto Lopez, 80-year-old white Hispanic male Damaris Wade, 22-year-old black male Lancaster, California, USA
Antonio-Ramirez-Chavez.jpg Aggravated robbery of paletero (ice cream man) in Denver, CO June 11, 2020 Aggravated robbery After selling paletas in the sun for 5 hours, a Hispanic man is robbed of the $65 he earned and brutally beaten by 3 black males Antonio Ramirez-Chavez, white Hispanic male 3 unknown black males Denver, Colorado, USA