Macy's worker assaulted by black man

Macy's worker assaulted by black man
LocationMacy's, Genesee Valley Center, 3341 S Linden Rd, Flint, MI 48507
DateJune 15, 2020
Attack type
VictimUnknown adult white male
AssailantDamire Palmer, 18-year-old black adult female



The unnamed victim asked for leniency in charging Palmer, resulting in him being charged as a juvenile and a plea agreement that avoids a felony.[1]

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said "Nobody’s looking to hang felonies on young men. I never have and I never will. This was a bad crime though, and he has to face the consequences."

Black hate crime hoax[edit]

Early allegations spread by people such as black supremacist Tariq Nasheed[2] alleged that the Macy's worker said a racial slur, but Macy's very quickly rejected that lie, and the attacker later admitted his brother made it up.

Donald Trump tweet[edit]

On June 22, one week after the attack, President Donald Trump on Twitter quote-retweeted a video of the incident with the message "Looks what’s going on here. Where are the protesters? Was this man arrested?"

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