Murder of Caitlyn Kaufman

The murder of Caitlyn Kaufman occurred on December 3, 2020 when 26-year-old white female Caitlyn Kaufman was shot and killed while driving to work by 21-year-old black male Devaunte Hill and 28-year-old black male James Edward Cowan.[1]

Murder of Caitlyn Kaufman
Caitlyn Kaufman.jpg
Victim Caitlyn Kaufman
LocationRight shoulder of I-440 between West End Ave and Hillsboro Road exits, Nashville, TN[2]
Coordinates36°07′44″N 86°48′57″W / 36.12901306°N 86.81591146°W / 36.12901306; -86.81591146
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DateDecember 3, 2020
6:05pm to 6:10pm
Attack type
VictimCaitlyn Kaufman, 26-year-old white female
  • Devaunte Hill, 21-year-old black male,
  • James Edward Cowan, 28-year-old black male
Devaunte L. Hill
Devuante Hill.jpg
Criminal charge
  • Criminal homicide[3]
James Edward Cowan
James Edward Cowan.jpg
Criminal charge
  • Criminal homicide[4]
Devuante Hill arrested at his apartment[5]
Devuante Hill arrested at the police station[5]


Caitlyn Kaufman, a nurse who worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Saint Thomas West Hospital,[6] was driving to work on I-440 in Nashville, TN on the evening of December 3, 2020. Some time between 6:05pm and 6:10pm, Kaufman's car was shot six times while she was driving.[6]

At least one of the shots hit Kaufman, killing her. According to a Davidson County Medical Examiner, Kaufman "was killed by a single gunshot that entered her left shoulder and likely died within 15 seconds."[6]

According to local news WZTV, it was the third time that a nurse working at Saint Thomas West Hospital had been murdered in the past four years.[7]


At 6:15am on December 11, 2020, Devaunte L. Hill, a 21-year-old black male was arrested at his apartment by a SWAT team and charged with the murder.[5]

It was discovered that Hill had a lengthy criminal past, including four attempted murder charges stemming from when he was a juvenile, and attempted to murder his family after his grandmother and mother woke him up for school and he didn't want to go.[8]

On January 6, 2021, Nashville police announced they were looking for a second suspect, James Edward Cowan,[9] who was placed at the scene of the crime by cell phone data. Cowan was arrested by police on January 12, 2021, where they recovered "2 pistols, one-half pound of marijuana and 5 grams of a white powder" from Cowan's vehicle.[10]

Like Hill, Cowan had a long list of prior convictions to his name, including robbery, firearm and drug possession, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and evading arrest.[9]

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