Murder of Connor Verkerke

The murder of Connor Verkerke occurred on August 4, 2014 when 12-year-old black male Jamarion Lawhorn stabbed white 9-year-old male Connor Verkerke, a boy he had never met and with no instigating event, to death on a playground.[1]

Murder of Connor Verkerke
Connor Verkerke.jpg
LocationKentwood, Michigan
Coordinates42°51′40″N 85°39′13″W / 42.86115267170433°N 85.65372667595543°W / 42.86115267170433; -85.65372667595543
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DateAugust 4, 2014
Attack type
  • Connor Verkerke, 9-year-old white male
  • Jamarion Lawhorn, 12-year-old black male
Jamarion Lawhorn
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911 call[edit]

We have obtained the most complete version of the 911 call available by law (partially redacted) through a FOIA request:

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