Murder of Lauren McCluskey

Murder of Lauren McCluskey
Lauren McCluskey, victim
LocationSalt Lake City, Utah, United States
DateOctober 22, 2018 (wikipedia:Mountain_Time_Zone)
Attack type
VictimLauren McCluskey, 21-year-old white woman
AssailantMelvin Rowland, 37-year-old black man


McCluskey met her murderer Melvin Rowland at a local Salt Lake City bar he was a bouncer at in early September, 2018.[1] A month later she discovered that he had given her a fake name and lied about his age, and not disclosed that he was a convicted sex offender and felon.

Over the next few weeks[2] Rowland physically threatened McCluskey and blackmailed her into paying him to not share intimate pictures of her that he was in possession of. McCluskey and her parents went to the campus police numerous times with their concerns over McCluskey's safety, but the agency dropped the ball until ultimately Rowland kidnapped and murdered her:[3]

Oct. 22, 10:39 a.m.: McCluskey talked to Officer Deras after she had received another text from a spoofed number, with the message claiming to be from Deputy Chief Rick McLenon, asking her to go to the police station. The “only logical conclusion” was that Rowland sent it with the intent of getting McCluskey to leave her dorm, one of the reviewers said. But Deras never reported McCluskey’s concerns to any of his superiors at the department.

Oct. 22, 3 to 6 p.m.: Rowland waited for McCluskey with some of her friends at the dorms.

Oct. 22, 8:20 p.m.: Rowland confronted McCluskey in the parking lot outside her residence hall. She was returning from a night class and on the phone with her mother when she screamed, “No, no, no.” Rowland grabbed her, and she dropped her cellphone and belongings. He then dragged her to a different spot in the lot, forcing her into the back seat of a car he had driven to campus. Once she was in the car, Rowland shot McCluskey multiple times.

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Lauren McCluskey[edit]

Lauren McCluskey
Born(1997-02-12)February 12, 1997[4]
DiedOctober 22, 2018(2018-10-22) (aged 21)


Melvin Rowland[edit]

Melvin Rowland was a convicted felon and sex offender.[5] As a felon he was not allowed to own any firearms, such as the one that he murdered Lauren McCluskey with.

Melvin Rowland
Born(1981-05-12)May 12, 1981[6]
DiedOctober 23, 2018(2018-10-23) (aged 37)[7]

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