Subway assault of Kim Hayes, white nurse in Seattle

The subway assault of Kim Hayes, white nurse in Seattle occurred on March 2, 2022 when 62-year-old nurse Kim Hayes was pushed down subway steps by Alexander Jay, a 40-year-old black male.[1]

Subway assault of Kim Hayes, white nurse in Seattle
Kim Hayes assault.jpg
Screenshot of the assault
LocationChinatown-International District station, Seattle, WA 98104
Coordinates47°35′53″N 122°19′40″W / 47.598182°N 122.327781°W / 47.598182; -122.327781
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DateMarch 2, 2022
Attack type
VictimKim Hayes, white female
  • Alexander Jay, black male


According to the Daily Mail,[1]

A homeless career criminal has been arrested and charged with brutally assaulting a nurse after he was caught on video repeatedly throwing the victim down the stairs at a Seattle light rail station in an unprovoked attack.

Kim Hayes, 62, was on her way to work at Harborview Medical Center around noon on March 2 when the brutal attack took place at the Chinatown-International District station near downtown.

As the longtime health worker was walking up the stairs, she was grabbed by Alexander Jay, 40, and thrown back down the cement steps, according to court documents obtained by

The nurse suffered a broken clavicle and three broken ribs. She was rushed to the hospital where she has worked for 25 years, receiving surgery from her colleagues.

The horrific attack comes as Seattle continues to be plagued by crime from homeless encampments that have sprouted in the woke Pacific Northwest bastion. Last week, Amazon announced it would relocate 1,800 workers from its downtown offices over fears for their safety.

Jay has been convicted 22 times in Washington state and California, including on charges of burglary, theft, selling stolen property, drug possession, auto theft and multiple counts of domestic violence.

He was most recently convicted in 2021 of a residential burglary.

Additionally, since 2016, Washington state courts have issued more than 15 bench warrants for the defendant for failing to attend hearings.

He was charged with second-degree assault and remained jailed on $150,000 bail as of Monday morning.

It later emerged that after the subway assault, Jay found another victim at a bus stop, who he stabbed 10 times, three times in the neck, once in the left shoulder, three times in the left arm and three times in the back. She had to be hospitalized for several days.[2]

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