Vehicular homicide of Madison Dickson

Vehicular homicide of Madison Dickson
Screenshot from Madison Dickson footage.jpg
Dickson, gun visible in hand, shortly before being run over by patrol car
LocationS Harvard Ave & E 91st St, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Coordinates36°01′56″N 95°56′24″W / 36.03213709240399°N 95.93999633100992°W / 36.03213709240399; -95.93999633100992 (Vehicular homicide of Madison Dickson)
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DateMarch 18, 2017
Attack type
Police intervention
DeathsMadison Dickson, 21-year-old white female

Madison Dickson, a 21-year-old white female, was tracked down by police after committing a violent crime spree. After exchanging gunfire with police officers, she was ran over by an officer's patrol vehicle and died from those injuries.


According to local news,[1]

Madison Dickson is dead after a violent confrontation near East 91st Street and South Harvard Avenue.

Both 21-year-old Dickson and two officers exchanged fire, but no one was shot. Dickson died at the hospital after being struck by a patrol car, according to police.

There are no reports of any bullets hitting the nearby school or neighborhood.

Dickson was wanted on at least six charges, including shooting with intent to kill, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, attempted petit larceny and discharging a firearm in a public place. She was accused of shooting a woman at a south Tulsa Walgreens March 12 and shooting a man in the head in midtown March 16.

In 2014, Dickson made her first appearance in the court system when she was charged with obstruction of an officer, larceny from Walmart and possession of a controlled substance. She was charged in 2015 for unauthorized use of a vehicle and assault and battery when she stole an Osage County deputy's car following a traffic stop.

The officer driving the patrol car that hit Dickson did so to stop the threat of Dickson hurting other officers or anyone else, according to police. That officer is on administrative leave, but the two officers who fired at her are not on leave.

Police are questioning the driver of the vehicle she jumped from during the shootout. Dickson's relationship to the driver is unclear.

Police had information that led them to find her in this area of south Tulsa. Dickson, who also went by the name Tiffani Wasson, had reportedly been hiding out at the Sheridan Pond Apartments near East 81st Street and South Sheridan Avenue.

Another local news source reports on Dickson's crime spree, having shot a man in the head and firing shots at others, and possible gang ties:[2]

Police said her family had even warned them she would not be taken alive.

Police said Dickson immediately took off running when the short pursuit came to an end on March 18 near 89th and South Harvard. The video shows she turned not once but three times and pointed a gun at the officers.

They fired shots but did not hit her, so the officer closest to her in his patrol car, ran into her to stop the threat.

Dickson later died.

Police said Dickson had shot a man in the head just two days before, after she asked him for a ride, then pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his car. Police said he's recovering.

Before that, they say she'd fired shots at a Walgreens and a Best Buy plus pointed a gun at movie theater employees.

Police said they believe Dickson got connected to the Irish Mob gang and started a crime spree.

Her family and friends said this was not the girl they grew up with. They said she got hooked on drugs, tried to get clean but that failed and things went downhill for her.

Police dashcam footage[edit]

Dashcam footage from the patrol car that ran over Dickson was released to the public:

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