White couple assaulted by black males outside Rochester Fire

The white couple assaulted by black males outside Rochester Fire incident occurred on May 30, 2020 when a white couple were beaten with wood planks by four black males outside a business in Rochester, New York.[1]

White couple assaulted by black males outside Rochester Fire
Location64 Marshall St, Rochester, NY 14607
DateMay 30, 2020
Attack type
  • Madison Mavity, 24-year-old white female
  • Mavity's husband, white male
AssailantsMultiple unknown black males


According to local news:[1]

Madison Mavity, 24, says looters and vandals broke into the exterior of her home late Saturday, which is connected to Rochester Fire Equipment and Jewelry Kim Dao Repairs. The incident, captured by cell phone and surveillance video, involves a group of about six men.

"We called 911," said Mavity, "and no one ever came; we get they were busy but that was just crazy."

Several cameras show the looters breaking glass windows, some with two by four lumbers. Mavity took the initiative to speak up and defend the storefront, but things escalated quickly.

"I was just trying to help Kim Dao downstairs," said Mavity. "They were broken into and vandalized. We were helping fix their window when more people came and rebroke everything. I was just trying to get them away."

Mavity was attacked by the looters. Her husband was also there, pleading for the group of men to stop.

"The one kid in the orange hoodie kind of just came at me," said Mavity. "My husband tried to defend me but [an attacker] grabbed my shirt and pulled me around and down. Meanwhile, my husband was trying to get them off me and eventually he did get me up and back inside."

Mavity and her husband sustained injuries.

"My husband’s hand is crazy hurt. We need to go to the hospital and get that checked out. I thought I maybe had a concussion; there was a ringing in my ears but that went away. The whole left side of my body is bruised."

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Madison Mavity

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Local police have asked for assistance in identifying three persons of interest in the attack:[2]

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