White gas station customer beaten by group of black men in Spring, TX

White gas station customer beaten by group of black men
Screenshot from the gas station surveillance video
LocationFood N Fuel Express, 7134 Oakwood Glen Boulevard Spring, TX 77379, United States
DateJune 14, 2020
around 7:00 PM (wikipedia:Central_Time_Zone)
Attack type
Victims"Mason," white male
Assailants5 unknown black males


Gas station surveillance video captured the attack:

According to local news,[1] the victim was beaten because he made a comment after the group of black men tried to cut in front of him in line at the store. The final black male who exited the store and kicked him in the head wasn't part of that group, simply saw a group of black men beating a white person and decided to join in:

According to reports, the victim told investigators that he was waiting to buy items at the convenience store when a group of six young men tried to cut in line. The victim told the men that “There’s a line for a reason,” and that the men began to mock the victim’s hair and clothes. When the victim exited the store, the attack occurred.

The victim claims that the fifth attacker, seen exiting the store in a white shirt near the end of the video, kicked him in the face and yelled, "Black lives matter, b****."



A Houston news outlet reported the victim's name as Mason,[2] however he did not want to give his last name.


Unknown group of four black males[edit]

A group of four black males waited for Mason to exit the store and then beat him. They have yet to be identified.

Unknown additional black male[edit]

One black male exiting the store saw the beating happen and kicked Mason in the head and yelled "Black lives matter, bitch." He has yet to be identified.

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